Sep 17, 2008

Tummy Wednesday

See impawtant update stuff at da bottom.

Since Mommy blogjacked us yesterday, I'm having my Tummy Toosday today. Yoo fink Miles will like this pikshur of my tummy???

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

UPDATES 9:31AM: 1) Mommy finally talked to KC's Daddy Charley yesterdy evenin, and they's ok. They wuz able to get foods n water yesterdy so they's all doin good cept not hafin power sux. (Mommy ML was nappin is why Mommy didn't talk to her. She didn't want Daddy Charley to wake her ups. This is da firstest time Mommy could get thru on the fones insteads text msg, so she was reel happy to talk to Daddy Charley. We's glad Auntie Deb gotted thru earlier tho so we didn't werry so much.)
2) Yep, the CB is down AGAIN. And our site (which is why our pikshurs are missin). Mommy's been wranglin wif the web host bout dat. The purroblem is dat it keeps fixin itself afore the trubble tiket gets to a purrson to fix, and once it's fixed, they can't fix it if yoo knows what I means. Inter-mittens problems are da worstest. So they's werkin on that. We wish they'd get it fixed NOW fur GOOD. Til it does, come back to it in a few minnits and reload, it's usually not down fur long.
3) We's purrin for alla our furriends who's wifout power n stuff from Ike and we's purrin CB will get fixed.