Sep 25, 2008

Thursday 13

Thursday Thirteen
13 Things About Going to the V-E-T
by Sanjee

  1. It's not safe to sleep if a PTU* is in tha room.
  2. It is NOT NICE to stuff a sleepin kitty in tha PTU. It is furry rude.
  3. I can get very very small in the backa the PTU.
  4. The monster wif wheels makes very terrible noises. It sounds like it's going to eat me and poop me out later!
  5. The monster wif wheels viiiiibbbbbrrrrraaaates.
  6. Mommy gets werried if I's quiet in the PTU. *snicker*
  7. Those ladies at the V-E-T are furry good at draggin me outta the PTU.
  8. That table is COLD! My paws are frostbited almost!
  9. I losted anofur pound dis yeer. I fink they stoled it from me at tha V-E-T. Must be cuz he wuz happy bout it. He saided I was gettin svelt. I hope svelt is somefin Miles likes.
  10. The V-E-T is a sadist. He stabbed me. Two times!
  11. I am beautiful n purrty n healfy n haf sof furs n my teef are in good shape. The V-E-T is smart enuf to agree wif dat. Efun if he is a sadist.
  12. It took 3 humans to get clippy claws this time too! (I's sure Miles is purroud.)
  13. It's bestest to go to the V-E-T when yore boyfriendcat telerports along wif yoo to comfort yoo.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Fat and Glossy-ry:
PTU = Prisoner Transport Unit (aka cat carrier)
monster wif wheels = car
stabbed = gave vaccinations
clippy claws = claw trim