Sep 16, 2008

Sadness and Hope

Robyn here. I hijacked the Hotties blog to say something. I hope yall don't mind. The Hotties don't seem to mind, since they're busy napping, so I guess it's ok.

Today I saw what was probably the most powerfully graphic image I think I've ever seen around the cat blogosphere. Simple, quiet, unprepossessing and so expressive. If you've been to Skeezix's blog, you've seen it. It expresses all the sorrows I and so many others have felt recently so much better than anything complex or overworked possibly could.

Skeezix's Blog in Black

Sometimes I feel like it's been just one awful thing after another at the cat blogosphere this year. So many cat and woofie and bun friends gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, old, young, sick, sudden. Then our first human friend from here, Sher. Then the indescribably horrible tragedy of losing Sprout so young and so suddenly. Fires, hurricanes, cancer. Friends going on to other blogging pastures or other phases in their lives. The river of tears I've cried seems just neverending. I've thought so many times of just walking away from it all. I've often thought I was nuts to put myself in the way of so much sadness.

Then to see the effortlessly, eternally cheerful Skeezix's blog draped in black just struck me. With such elegant simplicity, he speaks all the sorrow for all of us. Yes, I cried when I saw it. Another tributary to the river of tears. Somehow in crying over the sad image of a cat's black blog, though, I found some hope.

Yes, there's lots of sadness, but also, there's community. We're all in this together. Yes, we cry together, but we also laugh together. Quite a lot, really. We celebrate little victories and strange holidays and have quite a lot of fun. We support each other through tragedies and successes. We get out from behind the computer screens and visit each other when we're able. We laugh and cry and email and blog and talk on the phone with each other. We send gifts, help animal causes, throw parties. Sometimes we even squabble like siblings. It's a strange and wonderful little world in this corner of cyberspace. Sadness will happen, because we're attuned to each others real lives and life has sadness. It has so much joy, too.

For every tear, there's a smile. For every blog blackened with mourning, there's a colorful one. For every sigh there's laughter. While the sadness screams for attention, the smiles and laughter and colors are always there. I want to be sure I pay attention to the smiles and laughter and colors at least as much.