Aug 16, 2008

Until we meet again Violette

There are no words for how much we miss you, Violette. We felt like we knew you even before you even officially arrived. We know how many pushes it took to get you into our world. We first saw you 2 days after your birth.

We got to watch you grow...

And laugh...

You were even the bean who entered Kimo and Sabi's Jump and Shout Contest.

We all love you so much. Even from afar, you were part of our family. We weren't the least bit ready when you had to become Heaven's newest angel. Heaven is richer and we are sad and poorer. Once our first grief passes, we will be able to see just how rich our lives were to have known you. We are richer to be able to do everything we can to comfort your family. We love them too. We'll cover them in hugs and kitty kisses. Later we will all meet you there in Heaven. Just look for the huge herds of cats and their beans covered in fur and kitty kisses.

Love and Kitty Kisses,
Until we meet again our tiny angel.
::soft purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs::
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