Aug 12, 2008

Tortie Toosday

Yep, yoo read that rite. It's Tortie Toosday here at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats.

Bathsheba is a tortie furriend of ours, and she turned 17 tooday! Wow! We fink that's sooper! So we's hafin Tortie Toosday here today. Bathsheba, We are happy you are our furriend!!! We hopes yoo has a fantabulous purrthday :)

And guess what! We hearded from Jake and Bathsheba's Mommy that we winned their Special Post Guess Contest! Wowie! We guessed rite that it was their 300th post. We didn't fink we were rite even, it's just what we could fink of. The purrize was a donashun to a charity of our choice, so we had the way generous (we dunno if we should say how much) purrize green papers go to the fund to help the fund for Millie's Mom who was Sprout's godmother get to Sprout's memorial and help the family with Sprout's last expenses. FANKS LOTS Jake n Bathsheba n Mom!!!

Nice cats keep wantin to help Sprout's fambly, so here's some ways yoo can. There's free ways to help too! If yoo wants to help comfort Sprout's fambly, there's ways yoo can. Mommy is carrying printed out hugs n messages from everycat and bean and critter that wants us to when Mommy goes up for the funeral. Yoo can sign up to send your free hugs here. Or yoo can send (free from donated fabric that DKM has, or on yore own) quilt scraps for Sprout's final quit her Mommy and fambly is makin. Or send a card (emale adivakitty AT gmail DOT com or us at catsnmom AT houseofthemostlyblackcats DOT com for the address). Or donate to the fund for Millie's Mom's trip and Sprout's last expenses. Or send nice comments to Sprout's fambly on their bloggy.

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