T13 for Dr Tweety's Mom

EEEEK! Dr Tweety's Mommy needs purrs cuz her garden is bein eaten by bugsez! We're going ofur to purr with Dr Tweety and the gang! (And we will purr for Felix to eat more and get all well too.) Mommy is very sad for Dr. Tweety's Mommy. She knows how hard it is to do a bizness, and she can't imagine how hard it is when lil bugzez and eat your stuff, on top of everything else. So Mommy's gonna do our Thursday 13 for us.

Thirteen Ups and Downs About Having Your Own Business...
by Mom Robyn
  1. It takes roughly umpteen hours a day, 8 days a week, 51.5 weeks a year.
  2. It's one of the most exhausting things you can choose to do.
  3. The pay usually sucks unless you're a fantabulous business person or can get venture capital.
  4. It eats your attention all the time, which is why ...
  5. You lose your ability to talk about much of anything else.
  6. It's more fun that working for someone else.
  7. You can't tell the boss to shove it unless you're something of a masochist.
  8. It can be incredibly rewarding.
  9. You stay healthier because you don't have time to get sick because you're not willing to let things go to pot and not make any money while you're off work.
  10. It's sort of like having a baby that never even learns to feed itself, much less grows up.
  11. You can change things around to suit you any time you want.
  12. Watching it go downhill is like watching a close friend deal with a terrible illness.
  13. With effort it can go uphill again.
Tweety's Mom, we're purring and purraying it works out for you.
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