Aug 24, 2008

Not the Mama Monday and a Purrthday

Our furriend Not the Mama aka Morgen aka Mo is the best!

He helps kitties all the time. He rescues strays, fosters kitties, does fundraising, donating, works hard with online groups like the CB, and helps his local rescue organization. WOW! He is very good to kitties all over. And he's very nice to beans too. He's a wonderful guy. :)

Fanks for everything Uncle Mo!!!
The world would be lots less nice without you.

And lookie here....

You turned into a cat! hehehe

Well that wouldn't surprise us. You're so nice to cats you must really be one in a bean disguise.

Whenever you feel pooey, just call out and we'll be there for you. After all, you're a great guy and it's only fair.

Oh. My. Bast. Not the Mama took in another stray kitty yesterday that he calls Stinky Pete. Of course, he's furry handsum because he's a tuxie, but he's just a tiny baby. Go say hi to him. Not the Mama, you just never do stop do you? On behalf of all the kitties you've ever helped, thanks lots and lots!

We definitely give you a 5 tail salute you can take home with you!

OH OH! Incoming noos! It's Auntie Marie -- that's Roxy the Devil Dog and Lucky and PlusOne's mom is having a purrthday today! We didn't know you too well until kind of recently, but we're glad we did get to know you more! We figured you had to be a way cool lady to not object to Lucky and Luxor fallin in love. Happy Purrthday Auntie Marie!!!

All the Hotties and Mom Robyn
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