Aug 1, 2008

NOT a good purrthday purresent

This is not parta what we planned for our purrthdays. Grandma Cat has been BIT by a BAT! Dis is not good. Lotsa times when bats bite it can be cuz of ray-bees. But whut was it doin in her shoe to a'gin wif? Maybe it's not sik but just stoopid to lif in a show where a foot may come after it. Anyways, it's caughted in a bag (wif the shoe), and the animal controls peoples will come control it. They'll make sure it don't got ray-bees n let Grandma Cat know.

So purr for Grandma Cat pleez? PUrrs or purrayers or healin energies or good vibes or kitty mojo or all of 'em. We don't want Grandma Cat to get sik.

Ok, we's gonna go bak to our purrthday party and haf a few bloo toona gizzies (wifout baby squillions) so's we don't fink about it too much.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty