Aug 21, 2008

Needs T13

Thursday 13 by the Hotties

We've seen this Needs meme around and wanted to try it for all of us.
The rules: All you have to do is Google your first name with the word "needs" behind it and post the results. So we all did.

  1. Sanjee needs a helping paw. (Sanjee: Dat was on google bout me lookin fur a boyfriendcat. Well I did, now I's got a boyfriendcat, the famus Miles Meezer.)
  2. Sanjee needs a SSN. (Sanjee: To get a credit card. Still werkin on dat. Weerd how efurryfing on google wif my name is bout ME. Way cool.)
  3. Mini Needs Front Row Treatment (Mini: Of course. That's where the best foods are.)
  4. Mini needs some repairs. (Mini: I didn't know I was broken!)
  5. Boni needs help googling up aprons and organza. (Boni: hehehe This was on google bout me looking for an organza apron for Edsel.)
  6. May 7, 2007 ... this is what Boni needs most. (Boni: Hmmms, why do I need a May 7, 2007. It's a used date. Can I get a new one instead?)
  7. Boni needs to straighten out her valentine (from Edsel) at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. (Boni: How embarassing! Google knows my valentine from Edsel was crooked on the wall.)
  8. Boni, needs a new residence/car/yacht/private island. (Boni: That would be nice. Just me and Edsel, and room for furriends to visit.)
  9. Gree needs to have at least six years of experience. (Gree: At what???)
  10. Gree needs more candy. (Gree: Candy? I'd prefer fishy flakes. Unless it's nipchocks from Othello.)
  11. Gree needs a little more splatters of brown and green (Gree: Checking back. Do I have splatters of brown and green to begin with?)
  12. PePi needs to install itself by running (Pepi: Install myself? Like install myself on the Gizzy quilt with Sabrina maybe?)
  13. Pepi needs somebean to run on top of when he's runnin around like his butt's on fire. (Pepi: Yep, that's still true. But how did google know?)
It was kind of weird how much google knew about us purrsonally. Do you fink google reads our bloggy??? It was fun tho :)

Alla Us Hotties
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