Aug 17, 2008

Mommy is home

Mommy wented to see Monty Q's fambly and go to lil Sprout's funeral services. On the way she stopped at the Mary-land welcome center, and she was so surprised because efun the Carousel had a horse at the Mary-land place had purple flowers for Violette. Good horsie.

She got to meet Monty's MomBean and DadBean and Kidbean and SweetBean. And she got to meet Millie's Mommy and Kikkykat and efun Millie in her Rose Millie outfit. She said it was a furry good to meet efurryone all but a furry bad reeson to haf to go.

Rose Millie

Mommy saided it was a furry beautiful serviss for Sprout and everyone was so nice and she is furry glad she wented. MomBean and DabBean loved the hugs lots and we'll show yoo pikshurs later, and pikshurs of the speshul quilt. But Mommy is furry tired and says her eyes feel all gritty from crying. So we's gonna nap on her all day and lick her eyelids sum so her eyes feel better. We will tell yoo more bout her trip later after she wakes up. Like maybe Toosday.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Please everycat take home a hug or two from us. We woulda loved to go round and hugs everycat on your bloggies yesterday, but our typist was away.