Aug 18, 2008

Midnight Mancat Monday

Mancat Lesson for Today:
Do not let your sisfur see you make faces when she sticks her stinky paws stuck in your face.
If you do that you get her stinky claws stuck in your face.

Felix, bud, you are the purrfect Midnight Mancat in Heaven now.
We know cuz you smelled great on Mom's hands and made lotsa
kitties and beans smile. But we sure miss you down here.

your bud Pepi

Pee Ess. We're happy to send hugs now for cats that were away on vacation or sick or something and couldn't send them to Monty Q's family earlier. We knew some cats just wouldn't be able to earlier for one reason or another. Just email us a message at catsnmom AT houseofthemostlyblackcats DOT come for the family and we'll print it and a hug from you and mail it to the family later this week. More hugs is good.