Aug 4, 2008

Midnight Mancat Monday

Pepi here. Of course I'm here for midnight mancat Monday, but so is our friend Felix below.

Look who came to visit this weekend. (You forgot to mention that Sanjee.) This little sticky bean isn't too little or very sticky. She's really very nice. And of course she thought my handsum midnight mancatness was just the best.

Mom did go see Felix and his Mom at the Hospital for Very Sick Cats yesterday. We made her take along a purresent from us - a Cat Dancer and Tem-tay-shuns. We knew maybe he couldn't eat the tem-tay-shuns, but we figured the other cats in his family could if he wanted. Mom said he played with the Cat Dancer some, so we think he liked it. We also reminded her to take that stinky Purell stuff so she didn't carry any little sticky germs by accident, and she remembered that. We reminded her to take the big camera too, and she forgot that. Oh well, not taking little sticky germs to Felix was more important. Mom did get this picture of Felix and his Mom with her camera, though. Felix is a handsum midnight mancat. No wonder his womens miss him. And Mom says he was very friendly and gave her headbumpies and wanted pets. His Mom said he was more alert than he had been since he got sick. Mom says Felix's Mom was very friendly but she did not give headbumpies or want pets. Mom said she took quiet Reiki hands (passing Reiki healing energy but without having to make him hold still or stuff like that) for him. We sure hope he feels lots better soon. We'd go see him ourselves in the fur, but we're afraid he'd get sick from some little sticky germ that we have that doesn't bother us but might bother him since he's sick. We will purr and purr for him from here.

Good news. Our Richmond friends who got stuck in Italy are un-stuck now and back in Richmond. Yay! They got back at like midnight last night and were very tired but very happy to be home. I forget who asked, but they said the airline was nice and put them up in a 4 star hotel the extra night they had to stay in Italy, so they didn't have to sleep in the airport at all. :)

More good news. Grandma Cat does not have an infection or swelling from the place she got bit by the bat. Grandma talked to her bean vet too. She found out if she needs to, she can get the one new shot they have for ray-bees up to at least Caturday without a purroblem, so that's good. The bean vet said it's up to 10 days and only if a human goes past that you'd have to get the painful tummy shots if ray-bees is suspected. She should get news from the Health Dept beans early this week about the bat and ray-bees. We think Grandma Cat will be fine, but we'll purr for her too anyways.

Phew, that's the big Midnight Mancat Monday Hotties repurrt.

your bud Pepi

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