Aug 17, 2008

The Hugs and more

This is what a printed out page of hugs for Sprout and Monty's family looks like. There are 40 hugs on a page. We wanted Mom to print each hug on a separate piece of paper, but there were 527 hugs after the later hugs got added! So we let her put a bunch on the page as long as she listed every single cat, critter and bean's name is listed that sent hugs. She did.

Mini made sure that kitty smell went with the hugs, so Monty could tell that they were from his cat furriends and their beans. Usually Mini tears up paper, but she didn't even try to tear the hugs up even a little bit. She just rubbed on them to get kitty smell on them.

We made Mom print out lots and lots of tributes so the fambly has them printed. These had to be shrinkified too, but they can see how purrty they are and read the names too to go see online. Since Mom was at Monty's house and at the funeral services on Saturday, she couldn't print out all the great purple pages and sweet notes. So we made her download all we could find of them last night. She's going to send a CD to Sprout's fambly later with all the hugs and tributes and screen shots of purple page tributes she could find so they can keep them all and biggify later if they want.

Millie snoopervised.

Mom said when she got to Sprout's fambly's house, Rose Millie and Lynne were working on the quilt. They'd been working on it for 5 hours by the time Mom got there! Mom Tracey had had to go out to do some things for a while, so Millie was snoopervising getting all the little quilt squares together. Mom says she only helped a tiny tiny bit, by helping place some squares and pinning the edging. Mom Lynne did like 99.5% of all the work to get everycat's squares into a purrty quilt! Lynne worked on the quilt another couple hours while she and Mom talked, and it was beautiful when it was done. Sprout's Auntie K even got Monty fur to put on it so that it showed it was from the kitties and furriends. A few requests to be added even came in the night after the quilt was finished, so Lynne got down on her hands and knees at the funeral home and added their names at the last minute to squares that some nice kitties shared. So everyone who wanted to be, was part of it. Mom says it was really the quilt that kitty love built, and all that love was snuggled around Sprout for her final journey.

The services were just as beautiful. Lynne sat with the fambly, because of course as Sprout's godmother she is fambly. Plus Sprout's mom insisted, so that was that. Mom said that was just perfect. Everyone there cried and cried lots it was so moving. We tried to get Mom to describe more but she says she had no words, just that it was purrfect. She did say, though, that the priest and all of the ladies of the church and everyone was furry nice to the fambly and friends.

One other thing Mom said too. Sprout's fambly and friends is all so nice. Silly Mom was actually a little surprised just how nice they all were. Mom Tracey is just so sweet and wonderful and likes to say funny things to make people laugh and smile. DadMatt is just a great guy, who is so great with the kids and hugs Mom Tracey and the little beans tons and tons. Kidbean and Sweetbean are so full of life and very polite and sweet that silly Mom was amazed. The Grandbeans and Aunties and fambly furriends were fantastic too. Lots of them came from far away, to be there to support the fambly. One fambly friend even had to cancel his vacation and drive over 12 hours down to be there with them. Monty Q was even a nice nice kitty, Mom said. Even with at least a dozen big people and little sticky people running around at any time, he just made a kitty loaf and watched and he purred whenever anyone petted him. Sprout may not have been with them very long, but Mom said she's so sure that she was surrounded by love every single day of her life.

Boni Maroni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Pee Ess. More about Mom's trip is here from early after midnight today, and Millie's Mom tells more about the services for Violette here.