Aug 28, 2008

The HotMBC Nayborhood T13

Derby asked one time where we cats lives. Here's where the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats is! We lives down the not so bizzy road in the brick n tan house wif the kitty hobo markins that says free eatz. Here's our nayborhood.

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We tried to erase the markins that says free eatz cuz we gots to haf our own foods, yanno. And when Mommy and Grandma Cat feeds kitties, they moves in! We don't got no more rooms. I finks Mommy and Grandma sneeks out and leafs foods for somecats out there tho.

See where our naybors lives? Lemme tell ya 13 fings about our nayborhood for Thursday Thirteen.

  1. The nice man in the shorts rescued Lucky and Lucky lives with him now except when he comes to stay at our house to visit for vacayshun.
  2. The nice man in the shorts talked the county into lettin him take care of semi-feral Oliver after Oliver bited Grandma Cat (but not furry hard) and the county got mad. (Grandma's not mad tho; she goes and feeds Oliver when the nice man in shorts is on vacayshun.)
  3. The Mowing Man is invisible cept when he's outside mowin. We dunno if he disappeers when he's not mowin.
  4. Next door is a house wif a purrty calico and a BIG snake and a lizard. We dunno why the purrty calico puts up wif such weerd roommates.
  5. The Invisible Bean is always invisible. We don't fink he (she?) efun mows.
  6. Somebuddy puts out trash for trash day at the Invisible Bean's house so there must be somebuddy invisible doin it.
  7. Grandma Cat always goes AWWWWWWWWw about the Little Sticky Bean across the street.
  8. We don't want to visit the Little Sticky Bean across the street cuz she's little and might wanna pull cat tails like she likes to pull her woofie's tail.
  9. The Dog Rescue Lady has a BUNCH of woofies in her yard and house that she's rescuin.
  10. The Dog Rescue Lady efun helped the old naybors that Pepi and Gree lived wif get them spayed n neutered.
  11. When Pepi lived in the out, he used to walk on top of the Dog Rescue Lady's fence and call the woofies names. But he never fell in and got eated.
  12. On the other side of the Cat n Snake n Lizard house is the old house of the Mean People who abandoned Pepi and Gree. We are glad they don't liv there no more.
  13. We fink the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats is the bestest house in the nayborhood. And we are Furry Fankful we lives there.
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