Aug 23, 2008


Fun Caturday!

We wanted to have some fextra un this weekend cuz last weekend was sad. So we're looking through some of our fun pictures from the last couple of years.

Sanjee rode the magic red bus on the Road Trip for Love. She thought she was so cool with her shades.

We had lots of fun for Meow Like a Pirate Day that the Meowers from Missouri started! Joosy had fun being a pirate. He's gotten a furever home with the Taylor CatSSSSS now. You think he'll do Meow like a pirate day there too? We hope so :)

This one makes us laugh. How could anycat think Miles Meezer was a Klingon??? Sanjee proved how silly it was with this picture.

Mini got wore out one day sunbathing in sunspots. This picture is funny, though.

Pepi participated in Anastasia's First Dare at the Cat Realm. And he's participating in the "Get Involved" Dare too!

And here's some very good news: Salome is back home with Kashim & Othello and Momma Astrid. Yay!

And it's time to vote! Fun voting too :)


WooHoo - It is time for judging!
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