Aug 9, 2008


Weekend Cat Blogging is here this weekend with the Special Food Edition of WCB in honor of Sher! Guess who is in charge of this Special Food Edition. Yes, ME! Just put your entry in the comments here on this post. It's ok if you don't have food in your post. Well, I think it's weird because I LOVE food. But it's ok, long as you have a cat in it. :)

This is a fish Sher cooked. It looks yummy.

And guess what. A bunch of you probably saw where Sanjee sent to CB yesterday about Cheyenne the woofie who got dognapped cuz she was accused of killing a cat and biting a human. Only Cheyenne didn't do it --she was in bed with her own human! Cheyenne is home now and that's super! But I think it's interesting that Sanjee found Cheyenne's human's blog by visiting on Entrecard! Yeah really! Isn't that cool? I mean, it's not food, but it's way cool. So maybe we should all join Entrecard and it'll be a really good thing. Plus food, of course.

It's also Ollie's Purrthday today, so we'll visit there to say happy purrthday. And Boni Maroni says not to forget that it's her tuxedo gangster Edsel's Gotcha Day!!! She'll probably visit him in her famous apron. Don't forget to post your WCB link here! I'll be getting the WCB post up tonight :)

da Mini

Pee Ess. Katie Too asked if Sher's furbabies have someone to take care of them. Yep, they do. Even the baby squirrels. Breadchick emailed about that earlier. So they're all being taken good care of :)