Aug 2, 2008


It's Caturday, yay!

Stop da Presses!
It's Little Isis' First Purrthday over at Purrchance to Dream.
Stop by and wish her happy purrthday and party wif her.

We had a GRATE time at the party yesterdy. Fanks so much alla yall! It was a grate cellybration! We see a coupl a tails stickin out frum under Mommy's bed, one orinch stripey one and a black one and a stripey brown black one. They musta had too many bloo toona gizzies or shrimp niptinis. We hear snorin, so we knows they's ok. We'll let them stay n nap. We're gonna nap lots too. Nappin is a good way to spend Caturday.

We fished the lost baby squillion outta the Bloo Toona Gizzies and tried ta clean him up. Some bloo is stuck on, but we fink he's ready to go back to Moki's house. Maybe we should find him a leash first tho. Anyways, he'll be bak home safe reely soon.

Grandma Cat seems to be ok (like no swellin or red or nuffin from the bat bite) n the health peoples are gonna test dat bat. Purrs are welcome tho til we finds out fur sure. Maybe we can purr it ok no matter what. Oh, and Huffle, we don't know if bats are fun to chase or not. They're definitely not much fun to chase when they's in shoes.

Get Well Soon FelixOur buddy Felix, who blogs and lifs rite here in Richmond, is in tha kitty hospital. Pleez send him lotsa purrs. And maybe purr his Mommy can get her fat butt inna cage so she can stay wif him. We're gonna try to make our Mommy take us out there to get inna cage and purr and snuggle wif him too. That or we'll make our Mommy stick her fat butt inna cage and keep him company. If it'll fit. It mite not. Anyways, we'll purr for him LOTS and LOTS and LOTS.

OK, I's gonna go nap now. I didn't efun let Grandma Cat make the bed this mornin. hehehehe

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Pepi here. Silly Sanjee fell asleep before she mentioned the cat festivals this weekend: WCB is at the Miz Pet and the Bengal Brats all weekend, and Carnival of the Cats is at Samantha Black & Mr. Tigger's Place Sunday evening, and Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is Miz. Mog and Kitties Sunday too. So there's lotsa cat fun this weekend.
your bud Pepi