Aug 14, 2008


Yep, Mommy is bizzy again. It's ok tho. She's werkin on gettin hugs together and tributes and stuff for Sprout's fambly. The trip plans are all made tho. Mommy Lynne will be flyin in the big metal bird today to be wif Sprout's fambly. Mommy will be goin tomorry. Now if we could just stop leakin all the time.

Oh, Mommy sez to tell yoo this,

Thank you for all who are sending hugs and have done such beautiful tributes to Violette. I've seen so many and they're so lovely. I wish I could have left notes at every one of your blogs, but time wouldn't permit. So please accept in spirit a hug and a note on how beautiful you are.
We send lots of love and hugs and purrs to Felix's family too, and all them's who's lost furriends.

Alla Us and Mom Robyn
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