Jul 2, 2008

Wild Cats Wednesday

We gotted an update from the Richmond SPCA bout the feral kitties colony near here that the nasty FOX people were tryin to kill and destroy their home. Seems the stupid FOX people figgered out that they was makin people awful mad and didn't destroy the whole place. "Just" halfa it. *sigh* Well, dat's better than alla it.

We are furry sad that 3 kitties were confirmed to been caught and killed by the pest control peoples hired by FOX tv. So we's lighting candles fur them. ::sniffs:: Maybe we'll get to meet them at the Bridge and tell them not all beans are so mean .

Seems mosta the rest gotted away cuz they're smarter. SOS Penpals has trapped 17 kittens and is takin care of them and werkin to find them furever homes. The SPCA has more they's helpin. The ofur good noos is that local biznesses are stoppin advertisin on FOX tv cuz of this stupid thing they done. Yay for the smart and kind local biznesses!!! We's purroud of them.

OH! More noos from the SPCA emale dat's not efun on their site yet:

The Richmond SPCA learned late this afternoon that the Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney will bring three misdemeanor animal cruelty charges against Keith Copi of Critter Control for the trapping and unlawful killing of three feral cats on WRLH Fox Richmond’s property. These charges carry a maximum penalty of 12 months in prison and $2,500 on each count.

Yay!!!! We lifs in Henrico County so we's extra thrilled!!!!! I hope he gets the top penalties!

Now I gotta go steel Mommy's plastic green papers so's we can help them take care of alla those kitties.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

For more wild cats...

Kimo and Sabi's beans are away, so it's party time. Let's go help them trash the house! Woo!!!!

Pee Ess. Mom got this email from Gree
Dear Mom,
I've had the most wonderful time with Othello. But I miss you. And my brofur and most of my sisfurs, but don't tell them. I'll be home on Sunday, I think. I'll call you on the cell phone and meow to you soon.
Purrrrrrs and Love,
Gree, Mrs. Othello