Jul 21, 2008

Until we meet again Sher

Mom Robyn Here.
I stepped up to the computer today to find the most shocking and sad news. Sher of What Did You Eat passed away yesterday of a sudden heart attack. Talk about leaky eyes. I just can't believe it. Sher was always so sweet when we communicated, just a lovely person. I'd never even seen her photo until today, and I can't believe she's gone and feel so bent up inside. I made it through a couple of changes on the WCB page, but I couldn't bring myself to remove her from the weeks she was planning to do. Maybe I can tackle that later. Right now lighting a candle for Sher is about all I can manage. I'll do that.

Sher, we will miss you unbelievably. We're so glad you have Sundance and Upsie to be with you on the other side. In the midst of our tears, that reunion makes us smile. We'll see you when we get there, Sher. Love, Robyn and the Hotties

And *hugs* to you all, our friends of the net,
Love Robyn and the Hotties
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