Jul 8, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Mrs. Othello is home. She looks LOTS like our sisfur Gree. *giggles* She's funny, she finks she's a ladycat of tha world now. But she didn't bring home no pikshurs of her honeymoon! I finks her n Othello jus hidded unner the bed fur two weeks. hehehe But she meows and meows bout how much fun she had, so maybe not. I don't fink unner the bed could be dat much fun fur two weeks.

Mommy saided to tell yoo that Mrs. Othello's butt twitches is a some better. It seems to be gettin better slowly. She's not hafin to take meddycine near as much. Mommy saided dat Mrs. Othello's butt twitches get almost all better, then Mrs. Othello jumps down from somefing high and it gets worser again. Mommy's tried to a'spalin to Mrs. Othello that if she don't jump up high fur a while it'll get all better faster. Mrs. Othello isn't listenin good tho. So we guesses it'll take a while fur her nerve to get unpinched, but it's unpinchin lil by lil.

In ofur Tuxie noos, us tuxies (and Pepi) are hafin to put up wif an INTROODER! The introoder is light black wif reely big gold eyeses and soft floof and he's lifin in MY sun room! Well, Grandma Cat says he has soft floof. But efun we can see he's lite black wif reely big gold eyeses when we looks fru the glass on the door to the sun room. I tolded and tolded Grandma Cat dat we are all full up here at HotMBC so she gotta find him anofur home. She keeps tellin me he's just stayin here while his beans are going on baycayshun and then he'll go home. I hope she's tellin that troof. I hope his beans don't drowned in the oh-shun or we'll be stuck wif dis introoder.

Boni Maroni saided dat she thoughted at first dat it was Mrs Othello wif a noo hairdo wif a color job, cuz the introoder got here a'fore Mrs. Othello. She said he smelled like a boycat, but she figgered dat Mrs. Othello might just smell like a boycat frum snugglin wif Mr. Othello. But nope, the introoder ain't Mrs. Othello cuz Mrs. Othello camed home rite after.

I want my sunroom bak tho. Maybe I can start a petishun and take dat to Grandma so's she'll gif me my sunroom bak. How do I do a petishun?

If I don't get it bak tho, my handsum boyfriendcat Miles Meezer invited me to come lif wif him. But I's a'scared to go far cuz the introoder mite take ofur my leopard snuggle or my rattly mousies. If tha introoder don't go home tho, I'll take my leopard snuggle and rattly mousies ofur to Mileses house n dere I'll stay. hmph

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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