Jul 6, 2008

Three Years Already

Happy belated Blogiversary to me :) It was July 3 and I'm not so good wif numbers, but dat's ok. It's hard ta belief that I started bloggin 3 whole yeers ago! I started out wif my own bloggy. Then Boni started bloggin. Then Mini started bloggin on Mom's blog. Mom got a lil frazzled and said "No Mo!"* and she made us share a blog. Which is sorta ok. Cept sumtimes I'd rafer haf my own bloggy still. But it's been 3 whole yeers I's been bloggin. Woo hoo! Yay fur me!

My furst pikshur on a bloggy efur.
(I wuz safe cuz Grandma Cat was watchin me while I played in tha bag,
and she taked it away when she hadta go and couldn't watch.)

Sanjee's old blog 143 posts starting 7/3/05 plus
Boni Maroni's old blog 94 posts starting 10/11/05 plus
Mom's old blog (that Mini shared) 12 posts starting 1/16/2006 plus
HotMBC blog 710 posts starting 6/15/06
Equals 959 posts

Oh! And guess what! Tooday is Kimo n Sabi's 2nd Blogiversary. I didn't reemember it, but I wuz there furst visitor. hehehe And today this yeer, they gived us all an award. Pepi will show yoo that fur mancat monday he sez, cuz he sez I can't get alla the glo-ree.

I's so glad I started bloggin cuz we gotted to know alla yall grate furriends! (And I got the bestest boyfriendcat efur too.) Yay!!! We's so happy to knows yoo all!!!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

* She didn't mean Not the Mama type Mo, that kind is ok. Mo as in more. I finks. Unless she knows some ofur kinda mo that's not so grate.