Sunday Pikshurs

Welp, Mommy got her ofur pikshurs bak. She wuz not happy at all. She is still mumblin curses about cheep dis-poe-sable cameras. (Tell yore beans not to use dem, it makes them curse!) Anyways, there was pikshurs of our furriends. Yay!

Here is Jasmine! Finally!
(We's happy the icky camra didn't eet all her pikshurs!)

Finny is gettin foods!!!
(Don't tell Mini!)

And pore Buddy is bein torchured!!! Dis is NOT good!
Mommy sez he's bein cuddled, so we's cuvvered the
orchurer's face just in case Mommy is rite and the torcherer is inno-sent.

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Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Grandma letted Mini outta the cabinet. She got suspishus when she heard Mini bangin on the cans wif the can opener, I fink. Mini was purrty happy tho cuz she got treets cuz Grandma said poor poor Mini gettin stuck in the cabinet.

Pee Pee Ess. Skittles has a donashun button (on the top rite of her bloggy) for her boyfriendcat SlyCat's brofur Kon who needs spensive dental werk fast. SlyCat's daddy is a teecher and duzzn't haf much werk at all durin the summer. If yoo got a couple dollars to gif, dat'd be cool and they'd preshiate it lots.

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