Jul 18, 2008

Mommy is home

Mommy is home!!! So I camed bak from Mileses house to meow at her. (whispers... and Pepi gotted enuff warnin frum Finny and Buddy to clean up after tha House Trashin party hehehe) We's happy to see her! We don't like it when we don't haf all our staff here.

Mommy had sum pikshurs on her fone. Cuz a'course she furgot her reggylar digital camera. haha! She sez she hadda film camera disposable fingy but she hasn't got them pikshurs out yet. Here's sum of the pikshurs we founded on her fone.

These are sum of the Irish Batchelors (ok, there reel name is Gaelic Storm).

This one heer is one dat Finny and Buddy's Mommy taked on her digital camera she didn't furget. Mommy drools whenefur she sees pikshurs of dis guy. I can't tell yoo why. He looks like dere's somefin wrong wif he cheeks they's so puffy and he has big stick fings stickin up frum his shoulder. Maybe we need to take Mommy to get her ray-bees shot in case dat's what's makin her drool. She's too fat for the PTU tho, so I dunno how we'll get her to the v-e-t.

This is Finny in frunt and Buddy's butt far away. Mommy had sum weird pikshurs of them all fuzzier than cats ushually are, but at least this isn't too fuzzy. Mommy sed she couldn't get a good fone pikshur of Jasmine, so we hopes the films thingy has one on it.

Mommy sez Finny and Buddy are furry handsum and furry nice kitties. Oh and Jasmine is furry purrty, not handsum, cuz she's a girlcat, and she's furry nise too. And yoo knows what? They smells nise too! Mommy's bag n her shoes n all smelled like them and they didn't smell mean or freatenin at all!

On the way home, Mommy stopped at a lil truck stop in Wise, Furginia. She sawed a couplea truck stop kitties there. This is one a them tryin to get into the lil store. Prolly to get somefin to eet. She's furry cute but I's glad Mommy didn't bring us home an extra sisfur.

Mommy sez this is her favrite site on the way home. Rite when she can start ta see the Richmond skyline. Them tall bildings are it. Then she feels like she's almost home to us.

And a'course her favrite site of all is
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