Jul 28, 2008

Mancat Midnight Monday

Pepi, Midnight Mancat of the House is also the House Cryer.

Aren't I a handsum Midnight Mancat Cryer?

Free Stuff!

Hey yall who go outside in the winter. We've got a couple of outdoor winter things that Mom and Grandma had gotten for me and Gree right before we moved inside. We never even got to use them! But if you're kitty (or woofie even) that spends time outside or in a garage or something, you can have them free if you pay the UPS shipping.

96 oz Thermal-Bowl
25 watt K&H Mfg Model #2030
current model here

Lectro-Kennel, Small
40 watt K&H Mgg #3093
it's like the current model here but no fleece

So if you want one or both, mention it in the comments and we'll email you about it. First asker willing to pay the shipping ($15-$25 for both we're guessing) gets 'em. We just thought somecat at CB might need them. If nocat needs them, we'll give them to a cat charity.

Mancat Lesson for today: Helping othercats is cool.

Check out the other Midnight cats and Mancats posts today too. Oh, and go visit Tenny too, it's her Gotcha Day.

your bud Pepi

Pee Ess. We had yummy vishus deer stinky goodness yesterday. THAT vishus deer won't get away to eat joosy kitties. Skeezix would be proud.