Jul 15, 2008

Goin after batchelors

Mommy's runnin off again to see them Irish Batchelors wif Finny and Buddy and Jasmine's Mommy and Ant Ree. They's the guys hoo did the cool Irish myoosic in the moovie Titanic. But they sings funny stuff now. I guess dat's ok cuz it makes Mommy laff. I hope she don't bring none home tho. They seems kinda loud.

I bet Mommy comes home singin one of theirs songs tho.
Like dis one.

I was born to be a Bachelor,
I’ll never walk down the aisle,
Me mam still makes me breakfast,
(I’m) Livin’ it up in shtyle,
Girls, ye’ll never catch me,
Stayin’ single, that’s the plan
I was born to be a Bachelor,
Sure I’m yer only man!

Finny and Buddy sez they'll make sure Mommy don't bring no Irish Batchelors home tho. They's furry nise. I hope's they's furry strong tho. Mommy is funny sumtimes. Them and Jasmine saided they'd take care of Mommy while she's visitin there too. Til she gits home we'll hang out wif Grandma Cat.

See yoo's soon. Wifout Batchelors, we hopes!
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Psssssst. It's me, Pepi. Mom's side of the house will be empty. Want to have a little party while she's gone? Grandma won't notice. Come on ofur and help decorate... trash *snicker* Mom's house. Purrrrrrs, your innocent bud Pepi