Jul 31, 2008

Fun Furriday

Happy Purrthday to Us!!!!
Come on in and haf sum cake n nam n fishies n tem-tay-shuns (n veggies if yore into that) and play wif toys and go climb the bookcases and haf fun!

Akshually, nocat knows what date any of us were borned on. My cat Mommy didn't tell me what date it wuz. Asides, she wuz feral and I don't fink she cared. Or maybe she didn't know bout calendars. I bet my cat Mommy would be amazed at me bloggin and stuff now. hehehe!
Mommy (my real Mommy, the big tall fat one) guesstimated my purrthday cuz of my age when I picked her. And as the rest picked her n Grandma Cat, they just said shoot we'll all party togefur. So now we haf alla our purrthdays on August 1. Now I, Sanjee is 7 yeers old! Dat's hard to beleeve! Boni Maroni and Mini are 8 yeers old. And Gree... ok ok Mrs Othello... and Pepi are 9. We finks. We're sure bout me, but guess on the ofurs. Calendars oh well. hehe We're gonna haf fun tho!

UPDATE: KC broughted shrimptinis and Bloo Toona Gizzies fur us all to pawtay!
Ummm... who is dat in dat Bloo Toona Gizzie???? Do yoo knows?

And guess what!
Today is Brainball's Gotcha day too.
Happy Gotcha Day Brainball!!!

And guess what else!
We gotted an award!
Skittles honored us wif a grate Pay It Forward Award for helpin out. Well gosh, that's what furriends are for. We helps each ofur. But darn, it's so cool to get an award. Wheeeeeeee! Fanks Skittles! Hmmms who to pass it to. We knows so many cats that pays it forwards wif purrs n purrayers and their time n talents n all sortsa stuff. We'll hafta think on that or we'll just gif it to efurrycat. Hmmms maybe we'll do that. But no finkin on our purrthdays, so we'll do like Miss Scarlet saided and fink about it tomorry.

Oh speakin of the South. Guess what else! We gotted a purresent from Richmond! They putted up a Chey for President sign like we said we wanted for our purrthday. It's the same sign like Seattle has. Lookie!
Isn't that neato? I gotta ask Mommy why our streets are all curly and weird when Chey's streets are all strait. But nah, no finkin today.

Anyways, hang out all day if yoo wants. There's lotsa foods and fings to do. The back rite bedroom is fur naps, by the way. Lotsa naps. Naps is good way to cellybrate. As well as eatin. hehehe

Alla Us Hotties
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Pee Ess. There be LOLCats at Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's howse wif Grr, Midnight, Cocoa, Rascal and Riley starrin! Maybe those funny cats will come to our party too!