Jul 15, 2008

Figgered Owt

Hmmms we figgered it owt. Mommy is abowt 7 or so yeers in cat yeers. Dat's the same age as me! Well, I'll be 7 on August 1. Close enuf. I didn't know Mommy and me were de same age! Wow! But I fink she looks older than me cuz she's not all glossy like I am. She agrees. Maybe we can get her a cat soot wif nice glossy furs.

Mommy sez to tell everycat: FANK YOU for alla the grate purrthday greetins :)
They maded her smile lots.

Mommy ate and ate and ate and ate yesterdy. She acted like Mini!!! She got taked owt to brunch. Then she got purrthday fudge. Lots. Then she got taked out to dinner for SUSHI and camed home groanin and sittin funny. (We fink she ate a whole ocean worf of fishies.) She didn't share none of her purrthday sushi wif us tho. Mini sobbed bout dat so we're not sharin any of our bonita flakes wif her. It's only fair.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Mommy is leafin tomorry to go see Finny and Buddy and Jasmine's Mommy and Ant Ree, and to see Uncle Roman and their Daddy. I dunno if she'll help us set up bloggies postin for while she's gone or not, but we'll see. hehe

Pee Pee Ess. My bud Simon has a purrthday today. He's my special friend Sabrina's brofur. They're havin a party. Come on over to celebrate! Purrrrrrrrs, your bud Pepi