Jul 19, 2008


Boni Maroni: It's Caturday. Maybe we should post something.

Mini: Ok. About foods?

Boni Maroni: *sigh* Maybe we should mention that Mom seems to not have ray-bees after all since she stopped drooling.

Mini: Yeah. Probably cuz the food bowl is empty. I never drool when the food bowl is empty.

Boni Maroni: Mini, the food bowl on the right is not empty.

Mini: Yeah, but I'm saving that one in case the left one never gets filled again.

Boni Maroni: (mutters about food-crazy sisfurs)

Mini: There's toona in the cabinet though. I saw it when Grandma Cat got out her icky veggies-in-a-can.

Boni Maroni: The cabinet is where they always keep the toona.

Mini: Help me the cabinet open then!

Boni Maroni: (stuggles with Mini to get the cabinet door and finally gets it open) There.

Mini: Fanks! (crawls into cabinet)

Boni Maroni: Sure thing, Mini.

Mini: Toss me the can opener?

Boni Maroni: Did you grow opposable thumbs, Mini?

Mini: Just toss it in!

Boni Maroni: (tosses can opener in) Ooooooook Mini.

Boni Maroni: (pushes cabinet door shut) Peace at last. (goes to find a sun spot to nap in)

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni