Jul 1, 2008

Blogjacked by the Mom Tuesday

While I was down in the coastal area this weekend for a memorial service, I took a short extra hop to Virginia Beach since I had a couple of hours to kill. It was really smoky from the fires in NC, which made it not so fun. But there's always something to make you giggle, wherever you go.

I about laughed myself silly seeing this "no cussing" signs along the strip. I thought, "WTH happened to free speech?" Then I thought, "Well, it's their sandbox, if we don't want to follow their rules, we can go play in someone else's sandbox." Literally, in this case. hehehe

When I got back Sunday night, though, there was some cussing going on, though. Look what I found.

SOMEcat had opened the fishy treats bag and helped herself. Note the white paw in the right bottom corner -- that's not a mancat's paw, at least not a mancat from this house. I think there was a party while I was gone. Tsk tsk.

"Purrrrrrrrrs" (cheezy human imitation purrs)
Mom Robyn
Mom Cat aka Robyn