Jul 12, 2008

Baaaaaaaaaad Kitties

Happy Purrthday to the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos!

Let's cellybrate!

First, we'll haf sum horrid durves.

And sum Dom Niptignon

Then we'll tell yoo about the Baaaaaaaaaaaaadest Kitty Cat we knows. (We is not bad. At leest, we won't admit it when we's diktatin the typin to Mommy!!!)

Once there was a kitty named Rikki who owned Mommy.
Heer is a pikshur of Rikki not bein bad. She doesn't allow filmin of bein bad on da advise of her lawyer.
Rikki owns Uncle Milty now cuz she likes him better, but that's a'side the point.

Anyways, back when Rikki owned Mommy, Mommy's Grandma was furry sick. So Mommy traveled a hole lot back and forth to Norf Carolina (neer Finny and Buddy) to help take care of her Grandma. Well Rikki was Not Happy that she got lefted alone at the howse so much while Mommy was drivin bak n forth. So she started bein bad. She plotted and camed up wif a grate idear. She knew dat whenefur Mommy would get home from drivin she used the wet litterbox. So Rikki surveyed n took mezurements and figgered it all out. Then once she's figgered it out, when Mommy came home to the wet litterbox and got all comfy and bizzy, Rikki would careful get just outta reach. Then Rikki pooped on the rug rite there in fronta Mommy. Rikki would laff and laff after then run away. Mommy skreemed about it and couldn't get up to catch her. Rikki would laff for days and a'member it while Mommy was goned again, so's she didn't feel so Not Happy. Then she'd do it again tha next time and Mommy would skreem and Rikki woould laff. Rikki sez it was lotsa fun bein baaaaaaaaaaaad.

Now haf sum more horrid durves and niptignon. Then go ofur and see about the CONTEST at this speshul BKCFoC annipurrsary edishun n efurryfing. It's fun! Fanks to Kashim n Mr. Othello (as oposed to Mrs Othello hehehe) n the Bad Kitty Cats n alla the cats who's hosted n been in tha BKCFoC fur a whole yeer. Wheeeeeeeeee

And now we's closin the curtain for a lil while cuz our typist will be on baykayshun fur a week. (But maybe she'll let us say hi! Or bring toona!)
See yall in abouta week! Pleez be healfy n happy n kind to eech ofur.

Alla Us
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni