Jun 17, 2008

Tuxie Wedding Tuesday

Tuxie and Tabby Wedding stuff

This tuxie is bizzy! So much to do. Oh gosh. And my silly tail is twitchy again. Mom's getting more pain medicine for me. It helps. Good thing, cuz I have lots and lots to do. I have to get my wedding dress final fitting and help the bridesmaids with their dresses and all sorts of stuff.

Oooooooo Sammy has wedding guest stuff up now at our wedding blog. You can pick out some cool Hawaiian outfits to wear to the wedding, if you like to wear clothes.

I don't like clothes. But I am wearing a beautiful wedding dress because it's romantic. One day of wearing a special dress is ok :)

Back to bizzy!


Pee Ess. Somecats have asked what we want for wedding purresents. You don't to do that! Really!!! If you gotta, virtual purresents only, please. Or if you really gotta get something not-virtual, donate in our name to Furriends of CB to win an auction to help kitties, or or donate to your local humane society or to Criz to help Panther, or to help Mu Shue's vet bills.