Jun 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteenish

Thirteen Things We Like to Do to Make the Humans Squeak
by Boni Maroni, Mini, Sanjee, and Pepi
(Gree's still on honeymoon)

  1. Groom in yoga poses right in the middle of the living room when they have company.
  2. Sit on the freshly painted fingernails.
  3. Jump on the side table while they're eating.
  4. Stand on full bladders.
  5. Try to escape out the front door.
  6. Track litter all over the litterbox room.
  7. Sleep on their feet and attack the feet if they wiggle.
  8. Stand alllllll the way up on back feet to try to reach the food on the counter.
  9. Get on top of the hutch and eye the ceiling fan.
  10. Liberate Grandma's chick-hen when she sits it on the coffee table to go back to the kitchen for just a second.
  11. Squabble over a toy and holler like we're dying off being attacked.
  12. Stand with heads blocking the food bowl while waiting for the fresh crunchies to fall into the bowl from the container.
  13. Tell funny stories about them on our blog.
And please send lots of purrs to our furriend Sophia, the Diva Kitty
Speaking of purrs, tonight at 9pm EST (8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST) is the monthly Purrs and Purrayers Circle at the Pet Purrs and Purrayers blog. Come purr with us for our furriends who need healing and help.

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