Jun 22, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

EEEEeeeeemiiiiiiiiiillllllllll time to come home and get some munchies, furriend!
We're purring hard for Emil to come home safe fast.

A furriend asked about it bein strange that after Anastasia disappeared in the desert, why don't the Cat Realm cats stay inside. And shouldn't they do that?

Welp, we thought of that. More than once. But we remember them talking on one of their posts, though, about cats needing to roam, to be free, that being a part of catness. And yes, that's so, it's part of being a cat. (Of course, being spoiled is part of being a cat too we think, so we live inside and are totally spoiled.) But we try to see it along the lines of a quality of life thing, sort of similar to not wanting a kitty to suffer from a disease and helping them to the Bridge. In a sense, it is along those lines. For them at the Cat Realm, freedom is part of the quality of life. Less than freedom is less than the quality of life they insist on. We all have to make choices, and that's the one they make. Not sure we agree with it entirely, but at least we can understand it and respect it from that perspective. But that's ok for us to disagree. We believe that everycat and everybean and everycritter is just where they need to be in the universe, doing what they need to do, even if we don't understand it very well. That doesn't mean we don't feel sad when a furriend is lost or hurt. It just means we believe the Divine watches over us all in mysterious ways.

Boni Maroni
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