May 9, 2008

Weird Furriends Friday

Cat Blogosphere Notice 6:08PM EST- The Cat Blogosphere blog has been temporarily disabled for using too much server resources. Support emailed us and asked us to do something, but since we can't get in to the blog to do it, we're stymied until we hear back from them. We're listening out so to speak and will get in and make that change as quickly as we're abled, then CB will be back up and running. Sorry for the hassle! Robyn
UPDATE 7:28PM EST - The Cat Blogosphere is back up. We had to change some technical background stuff around, but it's working and they let us back up. Woo!


Amazin, huh?

Psssssst... I has a sekrit for yoo. Tomorrow is Mileses 3rd purrthday and Sammy's hafin a surprize party for him on their bloggy. So stop by if yoo can. But don't tell him nuffin bout the party, k?