May 27, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Happy Gree Playing

I am a very lucky kitty. So many furriends around the Cat Blogosphere sent purrs, purrayers, green papers, and healing energies. It was amazing. My handsum ManCat Othello wrote the nicest purrayer for me. I think all that is why I got well, not the ER vet squishing me and stuff. It makes my eyes leak yall are so nice. ::sniff:: Fanks lots to everycat.

Fanks to all of my furriends (in no particular order cuz Mom's still confused and tired) for the things they gave: purrs, purrayers, green papers, good wishes, healing energies, kitty mojo, comments, and keeping Mom sane. Every little bit of everything was such a big help and made me and Mom smile. Fank you all! KC and the Sherwood Bunch, Skeezix and fambly, Othello & Kashim, Daisy the Curly Cat and Pixie, Zippy Sadie and Speedy, Purrchance to Dream, TT and fambly, Lee County Clowder, The Cheezits (Colby & Cheddar), Grr, Midnight and Cocoa, Storm and Castle, Miss Peach, Eric & Flynn, Alexi and the rest of the Krasota Castle Cats, Jan's Funny Farm, The Cat Realm, Scooby, Shaggy and Scout, Momma Grace and Company, Chey and Gemini, Kilroy, China Cat & Willow, Rascal, DivaKitty and the Fluffies, Mickey, Victor Tabbycat, Tyler, Psychokitty Max and Buddah Pest, Dragonheart and Merlin, Karen Jo, Perfectly Parker, Whicky Wuudler, Laila and Lilly, The St Louis Meezers, Artsy Catsy, Meowers from Missouri, Quasi, Angus Mhor, Katie Too, Samantha Black & Mr. Tigger, Derby, Sunny & Sunny's Mommy, Juniorbabee Orion and Meowm, The Taylor CatSSSSS, Faz the Cat, Brandi, Tara, CK, Tiger Lily and fambly, Amar and Luna, Mog and Co, and lots of others Mom hasn't had time to help me put on here cuz...

*sigh* It came back for a little while twice on Monday. Mom leaked more and about squeezed me to pieces. But it didn't hurt at all and it went away fast. So at least I didn't have to have any nasty tasting pain medicine. I feel ok now though. Ut oh, Mom's leaking again while she's typing. So I gotta go. But I do get to sleep with Mom again tonight :)

I gotta go to the vet today for more tests. Maybe Dr Z will be too bizzy.

Pee Ess. If crazy blogger thinks I'm a sp*m blog for having all yall's links, I'll make Sanjee put a note up on CB where yall can find us til crazy blogger gets over it.

UPDATE 9:18am EST: I have to go see Dr Z in less than an hour. Mom is very happy about this. Me not so much.
UPDATE 11:09am EST: I went to Dr Z's. I didn't like it much. But the only thing that hurt even a little was when he stole some of my blood! Mean of him. I need my blood! He said he finks it's hyperesthesia from a pinchy nerve, or maybe very unlikely some sort of seizure thing. But he thinks it's the hyper thing cuz of symptoms Mom wrote down. I don't like the hyper thing much, but he said it'd probably go away. And the painkillers will help if I hurt. And if it comes back very often he'll stab me with cort-i-zone to help it go away again. So I guess it's not too bad, now that I'm home. Oh, Mom says to tell you he stole some of my blood just to make sure it's not an enzyme problem or something like that and he should have results tomorrow or the next day.