May 22, 2008


Purrs All Around!
Lots o them!

Mu shue is still very sick and needs lotsa purrs. He has to go to the hospittle today!
Bonnie Underfoot is not feelin good and hasta go to the vet. UPDATE: Bonnie hadta go to tha kitty ER this morning!!! We'll purr extra hard for her now.
Stifler's leg is almost cured but not quite.
Auntie Signe is very sick with cancers.

The chatzy room is open all day fur purrin fur these furriends and ofurs who needs them. AND the Monfly Purrs and Purrayers Circle is tonite and Derby is hostin! See tha links n detales on the Cat Blogosphere.


Update: Bonnie didn't make it :( We're all crying. Bonnie Underfoot was the original Attack Tabby and a grate furriend.

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Pee Ess. PB&J dedicated their post to us today! Isn't that sweet? Awwwww. Fanks yall!