May 29, 2008

My trip to the V-E-T

Tuesday and Wednesday, I wouldn't get out of the PTU while the vet people were in the room. At the vets is the only time I like to be in the PTU. I came out when they left tho, and Mom tricked me and closed up the PTU. But she was talking so nice.

My twitchy thingy came back a couple of times this yesterday. But my tail is feeling a little better. I don't like the aunty-biotiks stuff at all. Oh well. Mini is silly and takes her stress pills easy cuz she knows she gets treats afterwards. Silly sisfur.

Fanks lots and lots to alla yall for efurrything.

Pee Ess. We're in Stifler's contest! We want to see Stifler go blue. Go vote for us in the top right sidebar of Stifler's blog please :)

Pee Pee Ess. If the movie don't work, it's because YouTube has something stuck up it's hiney. It must be at the vet too. It'll come back later.