May 28, 2008

Guess What Mini Shouts About

Foods, a'course!!!
I am shouting "Give me that toona now!"
(And using my laser eyes to get her to put the plate down too.)

This is my entry to Kimo and Sabi's Jump and Shout contest. I am very good at shouting for my foods, so this is a good entry for me. (You go enter too, it's easy.)

Dr Tweety, would you like to come over for some toona? I'll share with you and won't even shout at you.


Gree UPDATE by Robyn 3:46pm EST: Gree got rushed back to the vet today because the vet had asked me to keep a close eye on her litterbox output, especially if she had none. She had none for the previous 12 hours. (Yes, I can tell -- she was the only cat ocked into my side of the house) and didn't come out from under the sofa to get treats. I had to move the sofa to get her out. Scary that she felt so blah and wasn't going to the litterbox. That could have easily meant surgery for her. It turned out, though, not to be the case though after much feeling and squooshing and determining there were no lumps of poo or swollen bladder or anything in there. So Dr Z told me to look for "surprises" some place other than the litterbox, saying she may have gone somewhere else because she felt bad from the hyperesthesia. I haven't found any "surprises" yet, but I haven't looked very hard either.
Dr Z had all Gree's bloodwork back and everything was right in the middle of the normal range. Very good news! So he was going to give her a cortisone shot for the hyperesthesia. I mentioned a little hard spot on her tail and in the exam for the shot, he discovered that Gree has a bad bite on her tail. It was a tiny little bump even yesterday like a little mosquito bite or something, so no one thought anything of it until today because it was so small. Just today it started swelling and starting to get red, and is really pretty icky looking on one side, but on the other side very small. So she her booboo cleaned out good, got an antibiotics shot (both of which she hated) and ClindaCure to take twice a day for 10 days (Heaven help me, I hate that too). Since her bloodwork white counts were so perfectly normal yesterday (and in comparison to her bloodwork of a year ago too), apparently it just started getting infected today, and it got caught really early. Thank goodness.
But why a bite on the tail? Mini has been running after and "attacking" the others singly and at random for no reason we can figure for a couple of weeks. She was having stress shedding before that. Again for no reason we can figure. So we think Mini may have been too rough and bitten Gree on the tail. It's also possible that in one of her "fits" of hyperesthesia she may have bitten her own tail. I've seen her do it, but not nearly hard enough to bite holes in it, more like picking at her fur. The bite on the tail may explain the hyperesthesia Gree has or it may be a coincidence.
Apparently Mini has been and is stressed out, though we never figured out why, so now Mini has stress pills to take twice a day. Whether she bit Gree's tail or not, Mini has been stressed out, so I hope that helps her feel better.
Anyone out there want to work as cat meds-giver? We can pay you in anchovy treats or lean cuisine, plus headbumpies. We definitely need that cat meds-giver though, because after all this lately, I'm ready to check into the looney bin for a much needed mental health break myself. Too bad Dr Z couldn't prescribe stress pills for me ;) Thanks so much to everyone for all the help in the form of purrs green papers purrayers and everything. Thanks so much.