May 2, 2008

Friends Friday

Grandma and Mommy have a friend named Lisa. She had a good, brave guide doggy German shepherd named Baxter. See, Lisa went blind 10 years or so ago from a bad accident. Baxter was her guide doggy from the first. But Baxter got very sick a lil while back. He had cancer. :( Lisa was furry upset and sad that Baxter was so sick. Lisa got Baxter all the help from the v-e-ts that the v-e-ts had. But Toosday night he was really bad agitated and in lots of pain even tho he was on pain pills, and Lisa knew it was time to let him to to the Rainbow Bridge. So Wednesday morning, they helped Baxter to the Bridge. He doesn't hurt no more and that's good. But Lisa is very sad and lonely missing him.

Baxter was a woofie, but he was a really good one. He helped Lisa lots and lots. And he didn't chase kitties neither. If you'd tell your Bridge friends to say hi to Baxter, and send him a purr, that'd be great. And send some purrs to Lisa, cuz, like she told Grandma Cat yesterday, "I feel blind for the first time since I met Baxter." Grandma Cat's church is going to have a memorial for Baxter soon. Like they do for people. We hope that helps friend Lisa feel a little less sad. We'll purr for her lots.

All of Us
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Pee Ess. Captain Jack and Dante asked if Lisa will be able to get a new guide dog. She will! Unfortunately that takes a long time sometimes, and then she and the doggy have to get used to each other. So all of your purrs and purrayers are especially helpful to Lisa while she grieves and waits.