May 25, 2008

Fanks so much

Hi everycat, I'm ok. At least I am now. I had weird problems with my back and my tail and my back feets Saturday. They felt funny and jumpy and when Mom touched my tail it hurt so I cried. It happened earlier yesterday and then later and was not fun. Mom's eyes leaked so much she nearly drowned me. But it stopped both times, then I felt ok after.

I hope I stay ok so I don't have to go back to that ER vet place. Mom stuffed me in the PTU* and her and Grandma Cat took me there. It smelled like woofie all over. Then they poked me, and squeezed and squished me and pulled my tail and made me walk on my back feet and held me down to take weird pictures and all sorts of not fun stuff like poking me in my private spot. I don't think I like that place much. Well, the lady talked awfully nice, but then she tortured me like all that. But I feel better and I got to go home! I didn't even mind getting back in the PTU to get away from all that squishing and stuff. The vet couldn't figure out why it happpened to me and the tests n xrays n stuff don't show nothing bad going on. They thinks maybe it's a pinched nerve or something, but they couldn't tell since it didn't bother me when I was there. (A miracle wif all that squishing and squeezing!) Anyways, they gave Mom some pain medicines for me in case it bothers me again and said I could go back if I have to or see my regular vet next week if not, just to check up on me. I hope Dr Z the regular vet won't squish me and poke me much.

These are pictures of my bones that yall my furriends helped me get. I don't think they show my best side. But since yall helped me get them I thought I'd show you. The ER vet lady says they're all normal.

Mom's eyes leaked lots because yall furriends helped make it so I could go to the ER vet. I don't know if I should fank you or not, since I didn't like the ER vet very much. But I think I want to anyway, cuz it was very nice of you all and it made Mom feel better even if I got squished and squeezed. So fank you lots. Mom says she's going to go around and fank everycat n bean purrsonally after she gets some rest.

I'm going to sleep in her bedroom with her tonight. I like that. And I found the right spot to sleep where she doesn't even poke me with her feet when she wiggles around.

And I got tuna flakes when I got home. For being a good girl and not putting the bitey on the vet. And Othello came to purr with me. And I have the bestest furriends in the whole world to help me out so much. So I'm happy.

Fanks an lots of purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs,

*PTU = Prisoner Transport Unit aka "cat carrier"

Mom Cat aka Robyn Pee Ess from Mom Robyn 10:50am EST: Gree is still feeling ok today so far. We snuggled last night and she didn't cry any or do anything odd. So I'm hopeful. I'm taking her in to see Dr Z, our regular vet, after the Memorial Day holiday to have some more tests done and see if he can determine if she has a pinched nerve or what is going on. It's pretty frightening not to know, though I'm really grateful she's ok now. She will not be thrilled with the second vet visit, but it's important for her health. Thank you to everyone for the green papers. The ER vet visit last night was covered -- with $12 to spare. I kept crying about that because it was so sweet of yall, especially on a holiday weekend. You all just blow me away quite often with your kindness to cats and friends on the internet that you've never met, especially when it's us. Some more donations have come in today, so I decided that What doesn't get spent on her tests after the holiday, if any, will be donated to another cat in need. I'd feel good if every penny you guys give goes to help some cat in need with vet bills. I wouldn't feel right at all to just keep it if Gree doesn't need it. Thanks again. *hugs* and *scritches* and *cheezy human imitation purrs* ~~Robyn