Apr 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday

We're thankful for lots of things.
Especially that Grandma Cat's procedure went great and she feels great now.
(And that Mom hasn't actually pulled out her own (or anycats) furs.)
And for furriends who are being furry patient with us while Mom's got tax hair and stuff.

And we're all really thankful that Cat Friends Helping Friends is continuing and turning into a real live legal charity. Woo! We're thankful to Mom Trisha for spearheading the whole thing. And to Mommie ML and Mom Karen and Derby's Mum Janet and Meezer Mom Mary and Mom Deb T who's all werkin on it. And the other folks who's volunteered to help out who Mom says they want to have help but they have to get a little organized first. Otherwise Mom's hair would be all pulled out for sure. hehehe

This kitty is cute. He needs a name, though. Help!

Pop by and see the CFHF site -- it's got a face lift last night and more info like a FAQ and stuff. And if you can, please donate $2 or more in the Name the Logo Kitty contest (or just anyways) so the beans can get the incorporation papers filed and get all that stuff together to make it official. (Man, those beans have lots of silly rules to make things official. Sheesh.)

You know, I tried to get them to use a handsum black cat for the logo kitty. I would have posed for the portrait! But Mom said that a black kitty would have been harder to see. HMPH. What does she know. Anyhow, he still needs a name. Hmms. I'm not sure he's a mancat, though. I haven't been able to sniff him or her properly. Well, even if he's a ladycat, she needs a name.

your bud Pepi

and the rest of the Hotties, of course