Apr 9, 2008

Purrs for Boni

What a day. Mommy was furry bizzy today. Boni wasn't feelin so hot, so when Mommy got back from errands fur werk, Boni letter her know by peein on sum of Mommy's papers. Only she peed a lil blood too and Mommy FREAKED. She stuffed Boni rite inna box and flew out the door like a bat outta you know where. She took Boni strait to, well the v-e-t. But it might as well been you know where said Boni. Boni said the v-e-t squeezed her lots and that hurt. And he poked a thing in her private place sayin he was takin her temprachur. Yeah rite. And then he stabbed her!!! And Mommy let all this happen!!! Finally get ran back into the box and got to go home. She's home now. She's not furry happy bout all that tho. And she's gotta take pills fur days and days. She's not happy bout that eifur. But the v-e-t says she bee ok and Mommy is not freaked now.

But can you send some purrs for Boni while she heals up frum all this trauma? We'd preshiate it lots. Fanks :)

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

PS from Mommy: She says to tell you that Boni has a bladder infecshun or bad irritashun but not no obstrukshuns the v-e-t tell about cuz everything felted normal, and no fever. So she should be ok and we's furry glad bout that.