Apr 7, 2008

Mancat Monday

Since we didn't do a regular Furriends Friday, (no Sanjee, that wasn't regular heheh) I thought I'd do a special Mancat Monday for our buddy Seaborne. He was pretty upset that he went to sleep at the v-e-t and woke up with most of his furs shaved off. And he was cold! Nice Merlin and Dragonheart (who'd understandably be just as upset if they suddenly waked up with lots of furs) gave Seaborne tips on how to stay warm. And his Big Man got him a nice sweater to stay warm. Doesn't Seaborne look handum in his sweater? Go visit and see all of his pikshurs. Girlcats be sure to check out all his mussles.

The Mancat Monday lesson in this is: Be really glad you've got all kinds of cat and bean friends who are so nice to help you out.

your bud Pepi