Apr 15, 2008

Five Tail Salute and Party Time

We are sending a big Five Tail Salute to Framingham Offiders Joe Godino and Pamela Buffoed for going beyond the call of duty to get our furriends Mu Shue, Lilly Lu and Iris out of the burned apartment at night. Fank you Joe and Pamela!!!

We're sure all the cats of the blogosphere join us too, so it must be a Squillion Tail Salute, really!

So it's party time for all these Squillion Tail Salutes.

And we have furriends celebrating other happy things!

Happy 8th Purrthday Dr Tweety!
Mini sends special smoochies.

Happy 17th Purrthday Princess!

And Happy first Blogoversary to The Cat Realm.

It's definitely a beautiful day in the neighborhood. hehehe

Alla Us
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