Mar 27, 2008


Purrs for Miral n Momo n Smokey n BJ n Sol n Faith n Buddy's fambly n Percy n Rascal n Smudge's fambly n alla our furriends who is sick or sad. And purrs for Grandma Cat who's gotta haf a heart pro-see-jure today. It's not a'posed to be dangerous but Mommy's gotta be at the hospittle all day wif her. So we'll be home purrin for her too. [Update 5pm EST: Grandma Cat's pro-see-jure wented reely good. So good she don't gotta take no meddycines fur her heart cuz of it. Yay! They's makin her stay at the hospittle tonite so they can look at her cuz she's cute. No? Oh wait. To keep an eye on her. Mommy camed home fur a little while to bisit us tho :)]Oh and yoo can purr today too at the Pet Purrs and Purrayers bloggy fur everycat. I fink the chatzy is open tooday too.

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