Mar 21, 2008

Friends Friday

We'll miss you Smudge, but we'll see yoo at the Rainbow Bridge.

Alla Us

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Mommy is a friend, so we'll let her show off a lil here. (Not too much tho. We don't want her to fink it's her bloggy or somefin!)

Not the Mama gived Mommy and Mommy ML this E for Excellent award for theirs werk at the Cat Blogosphere. That was so nise! (But doesn't he know it OUR bloggy, not hers? Sheesh.) Mommy sez "Fanks Not the Mama!"

Then Mommy got this Big Kahuna award from Dr Tweety! (That big fish looks kinda tasty, we finks.) Dr Tweety made dis noo award and he sez "it iz to honor doze cats dat has not only a deep intellygence but also egg-zippits a BIG amount of Grace by helpin' otherz." (Hmmms. Mommy is not reely a cat. I finks maybe our furriends are a lil a'fuzed.) It was furry furry nise of Dr. Tweety to gif this to Mommy tho. She does try to help out lots. But she 'mmediately said, "But Mommy ML does at least as much werk to help out kitties and the CB as I do!" And dat's troo. So Mommy is gifin this award to Mommy ML and the Sherwood Gang, cuz the Cat Blogosphere bloggy mite not exist at all wifout there helps n grace n telligents! Mommy sez "Fanks lots Dr Tweety!!!"