Toadally Thursday Squillions Day

It's SQUILLIONS Day! It's such a toadally fun day around the cat blogosphere! Visit Derby and Vir-ginger who started it all and the Cat Blogosphere for Squillions fun all over.

Here are some historic takes of our Squillions and ones who have sheltered here over the last couple of years.

Greebo and Joosy, our speshul need Squillions.
They're hanging out in Mommy's room right now where they make Mommy smile efurry mornin.
UPDATE: Joosy says it's a mirakul! She's gotted ADOPTED by the Taylor CatSSSSS and Orinch! They don't efun mind her scar! Oh Joosy is all thrilled to get her own furever home.
OH OH! Greebo is got ADOPTED too! YAY!!! They are furry happy Squillions today!

Boni luvs her Squillion Mac (the grey tabby!)

LOTS of Squillions that we were fosting came to our 2006 Purrthday Party.

I adopted a virtual Squillion from the Cat Blogosphere!

Clementina is our vSquillion who lifs here at our blog!

Happy Squillions Day everycat!

And way Hoppy Purrthday Fiona Bun! You and 'Lando have taught us all about buns and that's been lots of fun. And you're the way coolest Meezer Bun we've ever even heard of.

And have you heard about Cheysuli's purrthday bash on Caturday? We can't wait!

Fanks so much for the cool toady award, Diamond Emerald Eyes! Grandma Cat loves it especially. She has a thing for amphibians. hehehe We'd like to pass this award on to... oh it's so hard to pick just a couple, can we give it to all our furriends? Ok, we'd like to pass this award on to Derby and Vir-ginger being Toadally Awesome for teaching us all about the Squillions and Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's Lady for volunteering to take over as Shelter Goddess at the CB Virtual Shelter of Squillions to help the vSquillions get to their new homes fastest, and KC for doin all the Squillions Day and vSquillions stuff all along. Yay!

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