Feb 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #22

Thursday Thirteen #22
Thirteen Reasons You Should Join the Carnival of the Cats This Week

by Boni Maroni

  1. Mini gets a treat for every Carnival of the Cats post.
  2. It's easy.
  3. It's fun.
  4. We go visit every single Carnival of the Cats participant.
  5. Mini will have treats instead of boring foods.
  6. Mini might freak out and whap one of us if she doesn't get lots of treats.
  7. Mini says she's going to bribe everycat, but I wouldn't take that too seriously, unless you want a hairball or an empty food bowl for a bribe.
  8. Did I say Mini gets a treat for every entry?
  9. Mini's nicer when she's eating treats, and you entering will make her that much nicer.
  10. Mini said she'd sit on my head if I don't think of 13 reasons you should join the CotC this weekend and I think that's a good reason you should.
  11. Maybe you'll get famous from it.
  12. Maybe you'll meet the cat of your dreams at CotC. It could happen.
  13. And did I say because Mini gets a treat for every entry? Good.
So go submit your entry here and now!

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