Feb 9, 2008

Romantic Caturday

Urgent Update: Dr Tweety's sisfur Delilah is suddenly very sick. Please send her purrs and purrayers or healin energies or good wishes or somefing. Fanks! Mini

This is my Valentine for Othello.
(Pssst Vote for it in the Who Do You Love? contest before 2/13!)

I luvs Dr Tweety. He even loves food lots too!
(Psssst Vote for my Valentine for him instead. hehe)

For more Valentine's fun, pop by the Valentine’s Edition of Weekend Cat Blogging #140 Feb 9-10 with Kashim & Othello.

Pee Ess. We're sposed to tell you that Sanjee and the ofurs are working on their Valentines still. Their sweeties haven't been furgotten. It's just hard to make the sekretary sit and do our stuff sometimes.

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